Carmen Bellamy member in the Santa Lucija Administrative Committee awarded the British Empire Medal


Dame Carmen Bellamy, Chairperson of the Gozo CCU Foundation, has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s birthday honours list 2013. The award is for “Charity fundraiser, General hospital, Gozo. For services to healthcare, charitable work and to the community in Gozo.” Dame Carmen said that ” it is a wonderful honour and I am truly humbled by the announcement.”
The Gozo Hospital CCU Monitors Foundation was set up late 2006 by Dame Carmen Bellamy, a Gozitan lady married to an Englishman, after her husband Paul had a brush with death when he suffered a heart attack
When Dame Carmen’s husband Paul, was taken to the Cardiac Care Unit which also serves as the ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit) at the Gozo General Hospital, the first thing that Carmen said she noticed was the wonderful and caring team of medical personnel doing their best to cure her husband. She said she also noticed however the state of the two available Heart Monitors which were not only old and outdated, but also unreliable.
At that point in time Carmen promised herself that if and when her husband recovers, she would set up a charitable Foundation to raise money to change the CCU Monitors for the benefit of all Gozo residents.
The Foundation was set up and officially registered as an NGO bearing registration number VO 0215,and is a member of the National Voluntary Organisation in Malta. The primary aim was to purchase seven monitors, one for each bed in the Cardiac and Intensive Therapy Unit, together with a ‘Central Monitoring Unit’ for the nurse’s station from where they can observe all the patients.
The intention of the Foundation is not only to purchase and install the monitors in the CCU/ITU department and provide adequate training to the hospital staff in their proper use, but to purchase other equipment necessary for cardiac patients and others with critical health problems.
The Foundation, in less than four years, has purchased and installed a Monitor on each bed and a portable monitor for transportation of patients to both Malta and overseas if required. These Monitors are compatible with aircraft.
Funds were raised through the generosity of the residents in Gozo and Malta, including a sizable number of foreign residents who settled on the Island, sponsorships from local companies, as well as through various activities that are organised by the Foundation throughout the year. The next fundraising event by the Gozo CCU Foundation is a ‘Concert Under the Stars,’ on the 7th of July, in the gardens of Ta’ Frenc.
The Foundation, in line with its aim, intends to continue with its fundraising even now that all the monitors are installed, since as already mentioned other important equipment is lacking in various other departments of the hospital.
The Project In Hand is the complete refurbishment and the supplying of all the equipment in the resuscitation room in the accident and emergency department of the Gozo General Hospital.
To date the following is a list of equipment that has been purchased by the Gozo CCU Monitors Foundation and have placed in the Hospital:
5 Dash 5000 Marquette Monitors
1 Dash 5000 Marquette Monitor for transportation of patients
2 Solar 8000i Marquette Monitors
1 Central Console for the nurses Station to monitor all patients at the same time
1 Laser Printer
6 ITU/Cardiac beds
6 Monkey Poles
6 Monkey Chains
6 Mattresses
2 Squabs to increase the length of the mattresses when required
2 overlay mattresses complete with pumps
1 air mattress replacement complete with pump
7 Over bed tables
Zoll Defibrillator for the Accident and Emergency Department
3 black leather chairs for the Nurses Station
1 black leather chair for the Nurse’s Office
1 Emergency Trolley
2 Defibrillators
Screens for the beds in the CCU and Renal Ward
3 ECG machines and trolleys
A second full replacement mattress with pump
1 Recovery Bag
1 Rescue Bag
2 V60 ventilators
ECG machine for the Accident and Emergency Department
2 Multi-Therapy Pumps.

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